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The EGEE grid infrastructure consists of a set of middleware services deployed on a worldwide collection of computational and storage resources, plus the services and support structures put in place to operate them:

  • The Production Service infrastructure is a large multi-science Grid infrastructure, federating some 250 resource centres world-wide, providing some 40.000 CPUs and several Petabytes of storage. This infrastructure is used on a daily basis by several thousands of scientists federated in over 200 Virtual Organizations on a daily basis. This is a stable, well-supported infrastructure, running the latest released versions of the gLite middleware.
  • The Pre-Production Service (PPS) provides access to grid services in preview to interested users, in order to test, evaluate and give feedback to changes and new features of the middleware. In addition to that, the pre-production extends the middleware certification activity, helping to evaluate deployment procedures, [inter]operability and basic functionality of the software against operational scenarios reflecting real production conditions.
  • The EGEE Network Operations Centre (ENOC) which caters for the network operational coordination between EGEE and the network providers (GEANT2 /NRENs).

This is complemented by the training infrastructure and the certification test-beds as well as the needed support structures and policy groups.