EGEE'07 was the latest in a series of prestigious conferences which regularly attract over 600 key players from the international Grid user communities, decision makers, resource providers, developers, governments and businesses. This year edition took place in Budapest, Hungary at the .

The EGEE’07 Conference gathered together over 600 delegates from 47 Countries. Over 90 people followed the conference via web cast.

With its 86 sessions, 275 talks, 12 demos and 39 posters EGEE'07 provided a platform to discuss connections with different community users and related projects, and how to drive forward world-class Grid technologies.

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Monday 1 October and Tuesday 2 October Plenary Sessions have been broadcasted and archived by NIIF. To access the archive link please click
Download the conference booklet

  • The innovative business track introduced at the last conference in Geneva, Switzerland, has been renewed this year, giving the business community an opportunity to understand how to benefit from Grids and adopt Grid technologies;
  • The application track saw technical discussions on what techniques are best suited for applications and what issues applications still face on the EGEE infrastructure following the input received at the 2nd EGEE User Forum. A demo and poster area complemented the application track and a special drink in the demo area enhanced the networking possibillities;
  • Various collaborating projects interacted with EGEE and within their community in the collaborating projects track. A sustainability workshop has been one of the highlights of this track. Collaborating projects have been also invited to take part of the conference exhibition;
  • Finally, the EGEE activities coordinated in the cross-activity track which has been complemented by an EGEE federations track that provided coordination facilities for the EGEE federations.

The parallel sessions featured the following topics:
  • Grids in Business
  • Grid operations
  • Grid security
  • gLite integration, certification, configuration and release
  • Grid Interoperability
  • Application tracks looking into various issues concerning the user domains
  • Interactions between EGEE and Collaborating Projects
  • A number of workshops and meetings involving our Related projects
  • A one-day workshop on Grid sustainability via the National Grid Infrastructure (NGI)/European Grid Infrastructure (EGI) model
  • The Administrative Federation Committee and Collaboration Board will meet on Wednesday 3 October

On top of this there were many networking moments during lunch breaks, coffee breaks and between sessions. On the opening day of the conference all delegates have been invited to a welcome drink organised at the conference venue. The Gala-Dinner was held on 3 October, on the conference boat “Europa” combined with a “Budapest by night” trip.

The EGEE’07 programme featured a demo and exhibition area where businesses and Grid related projects have been invited to present themselves and their particular field of interest to the Grid community, to meet and network with future partners in EGEE, other projects and international participants from scientific institutes in any different fields.

  • To learn more concerning the Call for Demo & Poster Session, please click here.
  • The EGEE Operational Security Coordination Team (OSCT) and the Integrated Site Security for Grids (ISSeG) organised training sessions at EGEE'07. To learn more, please click here.

To view EGEE'07 Programme at a Glance, please click here

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The EGEE'07 conference started from 29-30 September already with Training Sessions.

On Monday 1 October 2007 the Opening & Technical Plenary Session lasted from 9:00 until 12:30.
Technical Plenary sessions have also been held on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings 09:00-10:30.

Parallel Sessions (including Demo Sessions on Monday & Tuesday) run as follows:
  • 1 October 2007          14:00-17:30
  • 2 & 4 October 2007    11:00-17:30
  • 3 October 2007          11:00-19:00
  • 5 October 2007          09:00-12:30

The event closed on Friday 5 October 2007 with a Closing Plenary Session held from 11:00-12:30.

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A  has been organised in conjunction with the EGEE'07 Conference on 29 & 30 September 2007 in Budapest.
The event took place at MTA SZTAKI, Budapest, .

To read more on this event, please .

The EGEE'07 Conference poster can be downloaded from here.

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Chair: Erwin Laure
Chair: Imre Szeberenyi
Ian Bird
Alan Blatecky
Donatella Castelli
Roberta Faggian Marque
Mathieu Goutelle
Claudio Grandi
Kristina Gunne
Brendan Hamill
Hannelore Hammerle
Sy Holsinger
Bob Jones
Peter Kacsuk
Erwin Laure
Simon Lin
Cal Loomis
Panagiotis Louridas
Sarah Purcell
Per Öster
Ognjen Prnjat
Markus Schulz
Imre Szeberenyi
Gabriel Zaquine
Fruzsina Elmer
Laurette Gonzalès
Kristina Gunne
Hannelore Hammerle
Sy Holsinger
Bob Jones
Tiziana Lombardo
Stephanie Parker
Sarah Purcell
Judit Ragályi
Agnes Simonffy
Szabolcs Szigeti
Maria Toth