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NA2 Metrics

This page is dedicated to the NA2 partners metrics follow-up.

NA2 metrics are reported via a which has been created during EGEE-II to allow team members in about 30 institutes to report their results in terms of events organised or attended, press releases issued, material produced, contacts made for EGEE, etc.

This web form enables partners to report their dissemination activities whenever they want and while they still think about it: it's always better to report straight what you have just achieved/produced in order not to forget.

Then the activity management incorporates some of this feedback (basically summary numbers for the activity) in its contribution to the project's Quarterly Reports. The complete lists of dissemination activities reported by all NA2 partners is also presented annually in the final dissemination reports. 

  • Final Dissemination, Outreach & Communication Report. The final report on the work of NA2 during EGEE-II. The full activity metrics during the second year of EGEE-II is reported in the Dissemination Annex.
  • Dissemination, Outreach & Communication Report and revised Plan. A report on the work on NA2 in the first 11 months of EGEE-II and an updated plan for NA2 up to the end of the project. The full activity metrics during the first year of EGEE-II are reported in the Dissemination Annex.