The European Grid Initiative

How EGI works

EGI has defined four main functions which will have to be carried out if it is to achieve its primary goal:

  • The Operations and Security functions, which include all the services that are required to provide a large-scale production-quality grid for science in Europe;
  • The Middleware functions, which comprise all the tasks that are required to ensure the maintenance, support and interoperability of the middleware stacks currently deployed on the e-Infrastructure;
  • The User Community services, which provide the essential interface and basic support for existing and new user communities;
  • The External Liaison tasks, concerned with project outreach and dissemination, and with maintaining relations with other relevant grids and organisations.
    For each of these functions, the bulk of the activities will be performed by the NGIs. will, together with some other actors, carry out the tasks that are international in scope, and will coordinate the work of the NGIs. Roles and responsibilities will thus be shared, split between the functions for which is directly responsible and those left primarily to the NGIs, in which it has only an oversight role.