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Style & Template

EGEE Style Guide

The EGEE Style Guide aims to provide all those producing dissemination material within project with details both about the graphics (how to correctly use the logo, the images, colours and fonts) and text styles (EGEE particularities such as Grid vs grid) for print, web and presentation materials.

Guide to working with Industry

This Guide provides a step-by-step approach to engaging with industry on different levels, from effectively disseminating and promoting events targeting industry, such as Industry Days and the Business Track within EGEE'07, to driving forward specific objectives. It highlights five key objectives, as well as regions and sectors to target.

Attribution for papers

Any papers you write, whether published elsewhere or not, can be submitted as part of the EGEE technical report series, hosted online. Papers intended for here should be passed to your Activity leader for approval, and they will then post them on your behalf. Please also send us a brief mail, preferably with a link to the article letting us know about the article, whether or not it is posted to the technical report series.

Also, if you or someone you know is writing a paper on results found by using the EGEE infrastructure, we ask that the following paragraph is included in the acknowledgments to show EGEE's contribution:

"This work makes use of results produced by the Enabling Grids for E-sciencE project, a project co-funded by the European Commission (under contract number INFSO-RI-222667) through the Seventh Framework Programme. EGEE provides a seamless Grid infrastructure available to the European research community 24 hours a day. Full information is available at".

Copyright and license

If you have developed software within the EGEE project then please see the  to be put in your code text.

If you have software that is jointly developed by EGEE and other projects then please include this statement in the code:
"This work has been partially funded by the EU Commission (contract INFSO-RI-222667) under the EGEE-III collaboration.

See :

EGEE Material Templates

Poster templates

-> Technical poster (ppt or illustrator versions)

This poster has a large text area  so is ideally suited for technical promotions. You can download it as A2 landscape or as portrait. If you want to change the size of this poster, you can open the file on powerpoint, go to page set up, and change the dimensions. For example for A0, choose 841 x 1189mm and it should automatically scale.

An Adobe Illustrator version of the portrait template is also available.

-> General poster (Illustrator version)

Presentation template

Please make sure that you use the EGEE-III powerpoint template for your EGEE presentations.

You can also download it in a .tgz file.

Information sheet templates (for translations)

We invite all our regional partners to translate EGEE information sheets into their local language and to send back their translations to the DisseminationTeam at CERN so that these can be uploaded on the website.

For your information sheets translations, please use the following templates:

If you are not sure about the template you should use for an information sheet,  please check on the english versions available under the Press Room.