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Industry Forum Members




Pascal AFFLARD Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare
Jorge ALDAY Research
Victor ALESSANDRINI Research
Walter ALLASIA Software Solutions
Guillaume ALLEON Aerospace and Defense
Jean-Claude ANDRE Research
Jean-Pierre ANTIKIDIS Space
Edward ARONOVITCH Research
Malcom ATKINSON Research
Philippe AUGERAT Research
Bernard BARBIER Energy, Defence
Régis BAUDU Computing Software Solutions
Stefano BECO Information Technology
Michel BENARD Information Technology
Daniel BENOUALID Rubber Products for Automotive
Jean-Claude BERNARD Oilfield Service Provider
Jean-Yves BERTHOU Energy
Jean-François BOULIER Finance
Fabrice BOURDEIX Information Technology
Vincent BRETON Research
Philippe BRICARD Information Technology
Gilles BRUN  Steel Industry
Alain CARENCO Telecommunications
Brian COGHLAN  Research
Didier COURTAUD  Energy,Defence
Jean-Marc CREPEL  Automotive 
Diana CRESTI Research
Pierre CULIERE  Software Solutions 
Hannah CUMMING  Oil and Gas 
Philippe d'ANFRAY Energy,Defence 
Pascal DAUBOIN Oil and Gas
David JACQUES Energy,Defence
Michel DE GLINIASTY Research,Aerospace
Patrick DE LUCA Research,Aerospace
Alain DECHATRE Energy,Defence
Veronique DELABARRE IT Services 
Michel DELANAYE  Aeronautics
Gary DONNAN Telecommunications
Jean-Luc DORMOY Energy,Defence 
Bruno DUBOST Aluminium and Packaging
Jean-Pierre DUMOULIN Automotive
Mr EMMEN Software Solutions
Bruno FRANZINI Software Solutions
Karsten GAIER Software Solutions
David GARCIA Plasturgy
Rafael GARCIA Software Solutions
Alexandre GARIVIER Finance
Jacques GARNIER Oil and Gas
Neil GEDDES Research
Thierry GHENASSIA Software Solutions
Olivier GIEN Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare
Dominique GILLOT Infomation technology
Ruud GRIM Space
Yann GUERIN Information Technology
Joel HAMELIN Government
Brendan HAMILL Research
Robert HARAKALY Research
Serge HARDOIN Infomation Technology

Hardo HASE

Hase IT Infomation Technology
Odile HEMBISE Geophysics
Radovan HILBERT Mechanics
Nathan HILL Research
Ladislav HLUCHY Research
Martin HORFMAN Scientific Computing
Alain HUET Finance
Dragon HUNG Geophysics
Vachieslav ILYIN Research
Ulemj ISHJAMTS Software Solutions

Oil and Gas 

Claus JACOBS Research
Robert JONES Research 

Christophe KAELIN

Network Solutions 
Maryam KARBALAI Software Solutions
Samuel KFIR-EL NGKS Research
Gabriel KHOURI   Software Solutions
Jan KMUNICEK  Research  
Rolf KUBLI Services and Industry 
Bruno LABOUDIGUE Aluminium and Packaging
Alexandre LAGRANGE Finance
Zhing LAM Research
Eric LAMM Steel industry
Pascal LANDEREAU Tires,Travel Assistance
Patrick LANGLOIS Finance
Jean-Francois LAVIGNON Information Technology
Max LEMKE Government
Francois LERALLE Finance
Konrad LOBODA Research
Sven LUNG Computing Software Solutions
Ferruccio MACCARINI Finance
Fabrizio MAGUGLIANI Biophysics
Harris MAKATSORIS Software Solutions
Monica MARINUCCI Information Technology
Josep MARTRAT Information Technology
Joan MASSO Software Solutions
Douglas MCKINLEY Information Technology
JD MERLET Building Industry
Alistair MILLS Research
Nicolas MONNIER Research
Zofia MOSURSKA Research
Wico MULDER IT Services
Noemi MURGAT Information technology
Jean-Francois MUSSO IT Services
Fabrice MUSY Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare
Véronique NOUAZE Oilfield Service Provider
Alberto PACE Research
Marc PARSONS Research
Yannis PERROS IT Services
Eric PETIT Information Technology
Antoine PICHOT Telecommunications
A.PIERRES Information Technology
Arnaud PIERSON Research
Gregor PIPAN Xlab  IT Services
Pawel PLASZCZAK Computing Software Solutions
Brigitte PLATEAU    Research 
Pierjean PONENTI   Infomation Technology
Dominique POTIER   IT Services
M.RADECKI  Research
Mickael RAMEAU Infomation Technology
Stéphane RENARD    
Stéphane REQUENA Oil and Gas
Michael RESCH Computing Software Solutions
Santi RISTOL Information Technology
Alain ROCHE IT Services
Michel ROCHON Computing Software Solutions
Federico ROSSI Information Technology
Loredana ROSSI Information Technology
Gérard ROUCAIROL Information Technology
Hugues ROUGIER IT Services
Eric RUIZ Finance
Domenico SACCONE Information Technology
Francesco SACERDOTI Computing Software Solutions
Jean SAFAR Computing Software Solutions
Christian SAGUEZ Research and Training
P.Y SAINTOYANT Information Technology
Alain SAMBLAT Aeronautics
Marcelo SAVIO Infomation Technology
Marie Christine SAWLEY Computing Technologies
M.SAWYER Computing Technologies
Daniel SCHEIBLI Software Solutions
Claudine SCHMIDT-LAINE Agriculture and Environment
Horst SCHWICHTENBERG Scientific Computing
Nikhil SHRIKANDE Information Technology
Kiril SHTEREV Research
Eva SKASBLOM Research
Marcel SOBERMANN Research
M. SOCHENBACH Information Technology
Georges SPINNER Software Solutions
P.STOLL Computing Software Solutions
Bruno STOUFFLET Aeronautics
Andrew SUTHERLAND Information Technology
Nithin SWAMY Information Technology
Michel TEYSSEDRE Information Technology
Clemens-August THOLE Scientific Computing
Dominique THOMAS Geophysics
Jean-Marc THOMAS Aeronautics
Lionel THUAL Telecommunications
Laurent TORDJMAN Software Solutions
Philippe TRAUTMANN Software Solutions
Michal TURALA Research
Michael TURNHILL information Technology
Beppe UGOLOTTI Software Solutions
Juan Carlos VALVERDE Telecommunications
Dominique VERCHERE Telecommunications
Friedrich VAN BOHLEN Biotechnology
Stephane VIALLE information Technology
Paul VICKERS Infomation technology
Michele VISONE Software Solutions
Ole VOSSNACK Software Solutions
Jun WANG Research
Sachinkumar WASNIK Research
M. WERNLI Research
Wojtek WISLICKI Research
Guy WORMSER Research
Gael YOUINOU Geophysics
Gabriel ZAQUINE IT Services