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The EGEE Business Associate (EBA) programme is one of the EGEE platforms designed to provide an opportunity for companies to engage in technical work in mutual collaboration with EGEE, such as coordinated technical developments, market surveys, exploitation strategies or more general transfer of know-how and services to industry. EBAs work with EGEE to make the distributed computing infrastructure of the Grid more user-friendly, effective and secure in an industrial context.

As an EBA, companies also get early access to documentation, have the opportunity to publish articles in the EGEE newsletter, sponsor EGEE events and influence the programme of industrial events, as well as participate in the process to define a sustainable infrastructure to follow EGEE.

EGEE is working with business players in the Grid arena on many different levels and areas, ensuring effective two-way communication and proactive discussions. “EGEE is now in a position that it has much to offer to business," says Project Director Dr Bob Jones. “The EBA programme is an important component in our strategy for the take-up of our work by business and industry, providing a framework in which companies can confidently move ahead with the adoption of Grid technologies.” Technology transfer is one of the key goals of projects funded by the European Commission. EGEE, as the flagship Grid project in the 6th framework programme, will through its collaboration with industry pave the way to making Grids the technology of the future for business in all sectors.

EGEE currently has SIX Business Associates: Avanade, Excelian, GridwiseTech, Hitachi, NICE and Platform Computing carrying out a wide range of work including:


is a global IT consultancy dedicated to using the Microsoft platform to help enterprises achieve profitable growth. Through proven solutions that extend Microsoft products, Avanade helps enterprises increase revenue, reduce costs, and reinvest in innovation to gain competitive advantage. For more information visit

“Thanks to this collaboration, EGEE will leverage Avanade expertise on .Net technologies to fully support gLite on Windows machines, a critical factor for any enterprise ready software,” said Raffaele Sgherri, Principal Consultant at Avanade. “Avanade’s adoption of the gLite middleware will increase visibility of gLite on real case mission-critical projects outside the academic environment and will build a strong partnership with a global consultancy company that will promote gLite and help EGEE to further enhance it.”


was established in 2001 to deliver flexible and scalable Murex solutions across a variety of versions, modules, instruments and business areas. Since then, their proven track record of delivering successful tailored projects has led to becoming widely recognised as a leading provider of Cross-Asset, STP Murex integration services for clients across Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. For more information visit

“We are keen to work with EGEE,” said Adam Vile of Excelian. “We are looking forward to helping to shape the infrastructure by bringing the problems facing businesses today to EGEE and in turn making the product and the community more relevant to current business needs. We will be able to capitalise on the research and experience of the EGEE community while helping the project look for new opportunities to grow and develop valuable tools and skills.”


is the vendor-independent expert on scalable solutions helping customers in speeding up data processing, removing application bottlenecks and building complete scalable systems. The company introduces modern concepts of Grid, virtualization, service-oriented architecture (SOA) and application-driven portals. GridwiseTech offers management consulting as well as comprehensive technical assistance in integration of multi-vendor components. The company is present in Europe, Asia and the US, serving a wide variety of clients ranging from Fortune Global 500 companies to small and medium enterprises, to research and government agencies. For more information please visit .

One of GridwiseTech's successes is integrating internal job management environment of Philips Research with external, on-demand resources managed by the EGEE Grid. The job execution layer comes together with a user-friendly, application-oriented portal, and is secured by grid's virtual organization. This solution, combined with LCG/gLite can easily serve other industrial customers, increasing their current compute capabilities by an order of magnitude, without any extra hardware expenses and with no grid knowledge required from end-users.

goal is an enriched society with ubiquitous information. It contributes to the development of information lifelines by offering reliable, high-performance advanced platform technologies and solutions. For more information visit

“We are thrilled to start this collaboration with EGEE,” said Alessandro Bassi from Hitachi’s Sophia Antipolis Laboratory. “By having the possibility of integrating our data grid solution with the EGEE framework, we will be able to contribute to the scientific community and bring in a much-needed mechanism for handling huge quantities of data. In return, we will be able to talk directly with people and organisations dealing every day with such quantities of data, and learn from their direct experience.”

works with companies in the mechanical, energy, biotech, aerospace, electronics, and telecom fields, as well as with research and education organisations to solve problems related to computing resource optimization and rationalization. For more information about NICE and NICE products please go to

NICE Italy will develop its GENIUS Grid Portal and EnginFrame FrameWork, to make them compatible with the EGEE middleware gLite. “NICE has always been a strong supporter of the EGEE project right from the first phase,” says Beppe Ugolotti, CEO of NICE, Italy. “As part of this collaboration and cooperation effort we are proud to become one of the first participants in the Business Associate programme, which gives us a valuable channel to make significant technical contributions and leverage off the considerable expertise built up in Grid computing within the EGEE project. On the other hand, as one of the leaders in the commercial Grid sector, NICE has much experience and knowledge to offer to the EGEE project, especially as it aims to attract more industrial and business users.”

is the leading systems infrastructure software company that accelerates applications and delivers IT agility for increased business performance and reduced cost. Founded in 1992, Platform has been a pioneer in HPC, Cluster and Grid Computing technologies. Platform has over 2000 global customers and strategic relationships with Dell, HP, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Novell, Red Hat and SAS, along with the industry's broadest support for third-party applications. For more information please visit

Platform computing will work with EGEE to improve the interoperability of the gLite middleware with LSF, so that resources connected through the LSF local resources management system can be better exploited on the Grid. "Platform is excited about collaborating with EGEE to apply our Grid computing technologies to EGEE's Grid in support of diverse research and business applications,” says Prof. Songnian Zhou, CEO of Platform. "The combination of Platform's production-proven Grid products and the innovative Grid infrastructure and applications developed by EGEE will lead to a world-leading production Grid across Europe and the world in advance of science and research, and establish a standard for the broad adoption of Grid by the industries."

If you would like to work with the EGEE project on technical issues, please contact

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