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EGEE Industry Day 24th November 2006 Helsinki - Finland

What Industry day
When 24/11/2006
from 09:00 to 16:30
Where Helsinki, Finland
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The fourth EGEE Industrial Day on BioInformatics will take place on the 24th November 2006 in Helsinki, Finland, kindly hosted by the Finnish IT Centre for science (CSC - ).

The day takes advantage of an already interested, Bioinformatics audience, made up of both researchers, academics and industrial organisations already in Helsinki on the occasion of the IST2006 conference, in collaboration with the European Commission.
The objective of the day is to raise awareness of present, regional Grid activities, offering CSC and other representatives from other organisations, the opportunity to offer insight on its bioinformatics services, one of its core areas, built on the most powerful computing and network infrastructure in the Nordic countries. The guiding vision in developing new services in bioinformatics on versatile data and computing environments and grids is enabling biological and medical problem-solving – this is the focus of the discussion during the EGEE Industry Day.

Coupled with this the EGEE-II Industry Day wishes to provide a platform of the EGEE project, where EGEE representatives will be present, to raise awareness of EGEE’s current achievements and future developments and understand potential areas of collaborations with Scandinavian organisations.

From a National perspective, a representative from CSC will offer insight on aspects from a national level scientific IT service provider, giving an overview on how Finland sees connection and use of European-level grid infrastructures in biomedical applications.
From a European angle, a representative from the Healthgrid community will discuss roadmap for deployment of health/bioscience IT technological infra and health/bioscience-related applications. Case studies will be examined.

Industrial representatives, such as Dr. Christophe Roos from Medicel Ltd (Medicel is a Finnish company which focuses on biomedical IT) will be invited to provide a commercial perspective of Grid adoption realities.
A discussion session will take place in the afternoon which will wrap-up the day.
For further information, please contact us on egee2@metaware.it
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