Consortium Area

Period 2 Financial Reporting Timelines

Important timelines for Internal Cost Claim and Form C

Reports Content Period covered Due date More details
ICC Q5-8 Costs incurred in Period 2
+ Work performed
01.05.09 - 30.04.10 24.05.10 Internal Cost Claim procedure
Request for additional funds send
(only over-spending partners)
Justification of over-spending 01.05.08 - 30.04.10 28.05.10 Fund re-allocation process
Form C in NEF Period 2 costs
Period 1 adjustments (if applicable)
Certificate on Financial Statement (if applicable)
Report on the Use of Resources
15.06.10 P2 reporting process in detail
PMB takes decision on
funds re-allocation
NEF submission to EC
(by D. Mocova)
latest 30.06.10
Signed documents sent
to D. Mocova
Signed, stamped and dated Forms C (2 originals) + Signed, stamped and dated CFS including Terms of reference (2 originals) 15 days from receipt of PDF forms C from EC List of required documents
Final payment cca. Sep'10