Internal Cost Claim Procedure

Before completing the ICC please make sure all timesheets in PPT are completed and validated by the supervisors.

To fill in the ICC, please go to PPT: 

  • Click on the Cost Claims tab
  • Select the lead beneficiary or the JRU member name
  • Select project period PP2 and click on Search
  • Click on the excel icon EXCEL  next to PQ5-7 to download the ICC form into excel.
    • (In case you need to do some modifications the password for un-protecting the sheet is e9ee.)
    • Note: Only the white fields have to be filled in, the rest will be calculated automatically
  • We are now in period 2 of the project which is reported separately from period 1, therefore the ICC Q5-8 will be reported and will include the costs incurred in Q5-8(1.5.2009-30.4.2010)
  • If you use the actual overhead rate, please fill in the percentage (e.g. 80%), if not leave it blank
  • In the comments field you can add any comments you wish (e.g. no costs incurred in Q5-8)
  • In the field "Receipts of the project", please fill in the amount received, if applicable.
    • Receipts of the project are:
      • Financial transfers or equivalent to the beneficiary from 3rd parties (note: EC is not a 3rd party)
      • Contributions in kind from 3rd parties (e.g. provision of staff to specifically work on the project)
      • Income generated by the project (profit on sale of assets bought for the project)
    • (More info: FP7 Financial Guide pages 67-69)
  • The costs must be in EUR. The partners who are not on the EUR currency have to use the ECB exchange rate:
  • There are 2 possible rates to use:
    • 1.the 1st day after the reporting period end (3.5.2010) or
    • 2.the rate when the costs were actually incurred
  • Fill in the direct personnel costs, travel, equipment and other costs per activity
  • For those partners who use the flat rate for calculating the indirect costs those are calculated automatically. The partners using the actual rate will have to calculate it and fill it in manually (direct costs x indirect cost %)
  • The maximum EC requested contribution is calculated automatically based on the schemes and reimbursement rates stated in the consortium agreement. Those are also displayed on your ICCs.
  • Fill in the "Requested EC contribution" field. It's the amount of the requested contribution which you are actually requesting from the EC. The Max. EC contribution is calculated for you, but at the end of the project this may be higher than the budget and you will have to ask for the lower amount which you will do by using this field. This information will have to be filled in on the official Form C.
  • The ICC has two sheets, the second sheet is used to fill in the work performed:
    • please write a brief description (max. 500 characters per quarter) of the work done in Q5-8, do not format the fields, they will expand when you finish writing and move to the next cell
  • When you have completed the ICC, save the file and go back to PPT, click on "Upload ICC", select the file and upload

Uploading ICC with zero costs

  • Unprotect the sheet using password e9ee
  • In cell M32 and M33 of the excel version of the ICC enter zero, save and upload to PPT

For any questions contact: