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External Collaborator

Due to the large number of requests, we will not be able to contact you individually if your application fails due to incomplete information.

Please note that registration will only be effective once you have:

  • Sent a copy of your passport or national identity card (Roman alphabet) by e-mail to the registration team or by postal mail to: CERN, EGEE-II Project - B-600-R-011 - CH 1211 Geneva 23 (Switzerland).
  • Completed the through which you have requested CERN computer accounts. (Note! - Once these accounts created (but not active) a detailed information e-mail will be sent to you giving you a login and a temporary password which are mandatory to go on to step 3).
  • Provided an Electronic signature of the . You will find it by clicking on 'New User'.

(You will have to follow a short computer security awareness training course, read the CERN Computing Rules, and then confirm that you accept the rules).

The requested accounts will be activated and usable almost immediately. This questionnaire should be completed within 3 days otherwise the accounts requested through the web form will be blocked.

If you do not need CERN computer accounts, you just have to fill in the web form.