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Innovative Business Track 25th - 26th September 2006

The world’s largest multi-science Grid invites you to its main conference 25-29 September in Geneva Switzerland. In particular, mark the first two days in your EGEE’06 conference diary and make your way to the EGEE’06 Business Track to get to grips with Grid and understand the financial incentives for businesses to consider Grid as an option for the future. Choose from sessions offering a variety of topics: an Introduction to EGEE and Business, Grid Business models, Global Grid vs Corporate Grid, Grids & SMEs, Grid in Automotive, Finance and Bio sectors, Data Management and Security and Grid and Public Administration. A feedback session on the second day will report recommendations, next steps and conclusions.

Special business features include how EGEE can help you and your enterprise understand basic Grid concepts of using lots of smaller and cheaper systems instead of one large expensive system, realise how to use other people’s systems, sharing resources globally and instantly finding and linking to information anywhere - all of this will be backed by real case studies. We wish that you leave the Business sessions understanding if Grid could be right for you in terms of investment, employment opportunities, improving time to market and the actual costs involved of developing new products.

Speakers from HP, Atos Origin, GS1 and more will consider real-case scenarios and workable solutions for today’s innovative enterprise. A representative from the European Commission will give a perspective on the EC’s strategy for the future on Grids & Business and an Asian Federation member within EGEE-II will offer a perspective on what is going on in Grid globally. Relating Grid & Research with Grid & industry is the key to the success of EGEE.

To find out more about Grid & Business we invite you to become an EGEE community member.

For more information on the EGEE’06 conference, please go to eu-egee.org/egee06, where you may register, or contact: where a representative will be happy to assist you.