The EGEE project brings together experts from over 27 countries with the common aim of building on recent advances in Grid technology and developing a service Grid infrastructure which is available to scientists 24 hours-a-day.

The project provides researchers in academia and industry with access to a production level Grid infrastructure, independent of their geographic location. The EGEE project also focuses on attracting a wide range of new users to the Grid.

The EGEE project concentrates on some core areas:

  • To continuously improve and maintain the middleware in order to deliver a reliable service to users.
  • To attract new users from industry as well as science and ensure they receive the high standard of training and support they need.
  • To combine national, regional and thematic Grid efforts, for a seamless Grid infrastructure for scientific research and to build a sustainable Grid for business research and industry.

Project Director, Bob Jones, said:

"EGEE is providing a production quality Grid infrastructure spanning more than 30 countries with over 150 sites to a myriad of applications from various scientific domains, including Earth Sciences, High Energy Physics, Bioinformatics and Astrophysics".