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EGEE Industry Day, 26-27 October 2006, Catania, Sicily

The EGEE Industry Day, 26-27 October 2006, Catania, Sicily - EGEE Meets the World of Industry - continues today with an interesting array of presentations on domain-specific applications for enterprises and SMEs, offering insight into new developments in Grid adoption in this arena.

Friday 27 October 2006 - Chair: Douglas McKinley, Head of the EGEE Industry Forum

Participants at today's sessions will gain invaluable insight into a variety of examples illustrating Grid take-up across a spectrum of industrial sectors with particular reference to new developments in industrial applications and SME perspectives.

The morning session opens with a presentation by the Consorzio c-OMEGA providing an overview of the IGI Project.

Industry-related presentations include the transition of Grid from scientific to industrial applications in a presentation entitled 'Grid: from Science to Industry - Opening New market Opportunities' by EGEE-II industrial partner Datamat. This is followed by a presentation focusing on 'Setting up the Zenith Level of a Computational Grid' by APC. Further insight into industrial applications can be gained from the presentation by SZTAK, 'Filling the Gap: Advanced Grid Portal and Desktop Grid tecnologies for Industry'.

Anyone involved or interested in the automotive sector can learn about a series of new developments in this area, such as 'Aerodynamics Optimisation and non-stationary simulations', Ferrari; 'CFD in Automotive', Fiat; 'CFD Applications for cars/engines, Numidia; and 'CDF in GDI Injector System Design', Siemens VDO Automotive. Attendants can also find out about CFD on Remote Clusters in a presentation given by CD-ADAPCO (STAR).

Representatives from global enterprises will also be in attendance to showcase activities in industrial domains, including 'IBM Grid Activities'; 'Grid Services for Virtual organisations', Microsoft; 'Grid Technologies at HP' and a presentation by Oracle.

The later afternoon presentations revolve around Grid adoption from an SME perspective. GGG Elettromeccanica explores 'Advanced Design and methods of Simulation: the Point of View of an SME', while the presentation by INQUADRO focuses on 'GRID and SMEs: the INQUADRO Strategy'.

The Industry Day concludes with an open discussion led by INFN, exploring 'INFN and Industry'.

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EGEE will be at SC06, 11-17 November 2006, Tampa, Florida, USA. EGEE is offering participants the opportunity to meet and interact with representatives from Europe's largest Grid infrastructure through a series of presentations and demonstrations. Partner institutes also cover EGEE-related topics, demos and presentations.

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