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Egee Partner: Institute for Parallel Processing – Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria

Number: 49

Abbreviation: IPP-BAS

Activity : NA1, NA2, NA3, NA4, SA1

Country: Bulgaria

Federation : South-East Europe

Web Portal : http://www.bas.bg/clpp

Contracting Partner : yes


IPP-BAS, the coordinator for BgGrid Consortium, has a leading position among the scientific institutions in Bulgaria in the fields of Computer Science, Grids and parallel computing. IPP-BAS successfully completed the project “Bulgarian Information Society - Centre of Excellence for
Education, Science, and Technology in 21 Century – BIS 21”, funded by EC in FP5 and started the project “BIS 21++” in FP6. IPP-BAS will focus on operations and applications. Provide local support for training, dissemination and applications. SA1: Grid support centre for Bulgaria. Responsible for resource induction, operation and user support in Bulgaria. Contribution to Grid operations management and regional Grid security. Responsible for interacting with GRNET and the other SEE partners for the smooth operation of the distributed ROC. Will provide the necessary operational and statistical information for the deliverables. NA2: Make presentations and showcases, organize seminars and workshops, and operate a dissemination website in local language. NA3: Training and induction for Bulgarian users, involvement in parallel programming/MPI aspects. NA4: Support the deployment of Biomed, CMS and generic Grid applications in Bulgaria. Pilot applications in the domain of nanostructures and air pollution modelling are proposed.