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Who Uses EGEE

Generally, the EGEE Grid infrastructure is ideal for any scientific research especially where the time and resources needed for running the applications are considered impractical when using traditional IT infrastructures. The EGEE Grid consists of over 30,000 CPU available to users 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in addition to about 5 Petabytes (5 million Gigabytes) of storage, and maintains 10 000 concurrent jobs on average.

Having such resources available changes the way scientific research takes place. End use depends on the users' needs: large storage capacity, the bandwidth that the infrastructure provides, or the sheer computing power available.

The first applications to use the EGEE Grid infrastructure were from the fields of High Energy Physics (HEP) and Biomedicine, but EGEE now also supports applications from many other scientific domains, such as Astrophysics, Computational Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Finance, Fusion, Geophysics, Multimedia. In addition, there are several applications from the industrial sector running on the EGEE Grid, such as applications from geophysics and the plastics industry.

At present there are more than 20 applications from 10 domains on the EGEE Grid infrastructure

  • Astrophysics - MAGIC,
  • Computational Chemistry
  • Earth Sciences - Earth Observation, Solid Earth Physics, Hydrology, Climate
  • Financial Simulation - E-GRID
  • Fusion
  • Geophysics - EGEODE
  • High Energy Physics - 4 LHC experiments (ALICE, , CMS, LHCb) BaBar, CDF, DØ, ZEUS
  • Life Sciences - Bioinformatics (Drug Discovery, GPS@, Xmipp_MLrefine, etc.)
  • Medical imaging (GATE, CDSS, gPTM3D, SiMRI 3D, etc.)
  • Multimedia

Download an overview of all the scientific fields and applications currently running on the EGEE production service