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Grid Walkthrough - Step 2

Select a job

The left hand menu pane now has links to the different experiments working under the GILDA VO. Click the Raster-3D protein rendering example, then choose 'Generate a Raster Image'.

Don't worry if the scientific details of the next step aren't clear, this exercise is just to demonstrate what the grid is and how it is used.    
The top drop down box that appears on the next screen lists a number of different proteins, choose any of the options. In the same way, from the second drop down choose the rendering options that you wish your rendered image to adhere to. It isn't important (at this stage!) to know what the proteins are, or anything about the rendering options except to realise that the protein list is DATA and the other list contains the available options within a piece of software called . We want to use the Raster3D software to analyse the DATA and produce a result. Once your selections have been made, click 'next'.

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