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Grid Walkthrough - Step 1


This walkthrough will use the (opens in a new window), which is a web portal entry point on the Grid. It has been set up to work with a special temporary username and password for the VO called GILDA. This enables anyone to try out the functionality of the grid without compromising the security aspects of the network.

Please follow the instructions thoroughly.

Hold down the ALT key and press TAB to switch between the walkthrough instructions and the GILDA Demonstrator windows.    

Log in
First, open the GILDA Demonstrator from the link above. In the left-hand menu pane, there is a link named 'VO Services', click this, and the GENIUS login screen appears. Notice that the username and password fields have been filled for you, so just click 'Login'.

On the real grid, you would enter your username and password specified by your VO.

In either case, if your system prompts to remember your password for you, choose NO. You are now logged into the Virtual Organisation called GILDA.

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