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The EGEE Project publishes a bi-monthly newsletter which reports on the latest developments within the EGEE project, the latest in related Grid developments and related Grid project. The newsletters are a valuable insight into the biggest Grid infrastructure in Europe and a unique way to find out exactly what progress the EGEE community is making and the ways in which the EGEE infrastructure is being used.EGEE, in collaboration the Open Science Grid in the United States, produces International Science Grid This Week (iSGTW), a weekly online magazine covering all aspects of scientific research being carried out on Grid infrastructures around the world. iSGTW is freely available online as well as providing a free email subscription service, with each weeks issue delivered straight to your inbox. For more information and to see the current issue, please visit

To accompany iSGTW we also produce a bimonthly newsletter collecting articles from iSGTW and other sources relevant to the EGEE project, as well as our monthly "Letters from the Director". These are listed below.

EGEE Newsletter April 2008 — published 24/04/2008


EGEE Newsletter February 2008 — published 27/02/2008


EGEE Newsletter December 2007 — published 17/12/2007


EGEE Newsletter September 2007 — published 28/09/2007


EGEE Newsletter July 2007 — published 03/07/2007


EGEE Newsletter May 2007 — published 23/05/2007


EGEE Newsletter March 2007 — published 05/03/2007


EGEE Newsletter December 2006 — published 22/12/2006


Director's Letter Issue 17 - April 2008 — published 18/04/2008


Director's Letter Issue 16 - March 2008 — published 28/03/2008


Director's Letter Issue 15 - February 2008 — published 25/02/2008


Director's Letter Issue 14 - January 2008 — published 31/01/2008


Director's Letter Issue 13 - December 2007 — published 18/12/2007


Director's Letter Issue 12 - November 2007 — published 02/12/2007


Director's Letter Issue 11 - October 2007 — published 29/10/2007


Director's Letter Issue10 - September 2007 — published 24/09/2007


Director's Letter Issue9 - June 2007 — published 02/07/2007


Director's Letter Issue8 - May 2007 — published 25/05/2007


Director's Letter Issue7 - April 2007 — published 23/04/2007


Director's Letter Issue6 - March 2007 — published 26/03/2007


Director's Letter Issue5 - February 2007 — published 28/02/2007


Director's Letter Issue4 - January 2007 — published 29/01/2007


Director's Letter Issue3 - December 2006 — published 29/01/2007


Director's Letter Issue2 - November 2006 — published 29/01/2007


Director's Letter Issue1 - October 2006 — published 21/03/2007


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Enabling Grids for E-sciencE (EGEE) is the largest multi-disciplinary grid infrastructure in the world. Finding the Higgs boson; saving lives; addressing the energy problem; feeding the planet - the grid is swiftly becoming one of the extraordinary tools scientists use everyday. This month sees the start of the third phase of the project, EGEE-III, which is revolutionising the way data is analysed, stored and shared.

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