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Collaborating with EGEE

EGEE supports and maintains an operational Grid service in an open and sustainable manner. Long-term goals for Grid computing must go further and aim to make Grid facilities available and easily accessible to numerous and diverse domains, including industry, science and the humanities in a reliable and transparent way.

In order to achieve these ambitious goals, EGEE works with a range of other projects and initiatives. Already during the first phase of the project, and more prominently during the first year of EGEE-II, EGEE has established a number of fruitful collaborations with Related Projects.

If you would like to know more about collaborating with EGEE, please or get in touch with the (remove NOSPAM from the email address)

To register a new related project visit the .

Future of EGEE

EGEE plans to carry on these collaborations in the 7th Framework Programme and in the next phase of the project, EGEE-3, that has been submitted to the European Commission during 2007.

EGEE has put in place a comprehensive package for related projects to access the tools and the knowledge needed for them to exploit the EGEE Grid, and to establish a network of contacts with people and other projects working in the field. This package includes:

  • Various training events for Grid users, applications developers and site administrators;
  • Open discussion mailing lists, technical documentation and general user support;
  • Grid middleware software and associated support, operational tools and procedures;
  • Regular networking events like user fora, conferences and concertation events.

These channels facilitate the adoption and usage of EGEE results by the EGEE user communities and Related Projects.

New projects that seek a closer collaboration may also plan to make good use of partners that are common to EGEE and their project to ensure the effective transfer of Grid expertise and to act as links to EGEE. EGEE is particularly interested to establish and strengthen synergies with projects that:

  • Bring together user communities on an international level and expect to demonstrate concrete practical results;
  • Are willing to make computing resources available for their applications in the common shared infrastructure;
  • Have software expertise and are planning to gridify applications exploiting gLite functionality.

(from the letter of the EGEE-II Project Director, Bob Jones. Click here to read the full letter)

Other collaborations opportunities

Industry Forum

Joining the Industry Forum (IF) is for Community Members who would like more information on and/or become more involved in EGEE’s Programme for Industry.

IF members are able to receive the IF quarterly newsletter and special editions (through IF mailing list) as well as specific information and developments on EGEE and Industry.

For more information visit the IF section or contact (please remove NOSPAM from the address).

Industry Task Force (ITF)

The ITF is one of the EGEE platforms designed to give Industry the opportunity to find out how their Industrial Applications can be deployed on EGEE and possibly lead to porting an application on: the EGEE infrastructure, using gLite middleware or on the GILDA testbed.

If you would like to use the EGEE Grid infrastructure for your application, please contact (please remove NOSPAM from the address) or visit the .

EGEE Business Associate

The EGEE Business Associate (EBA) programme provides opportunities for companies to engage in technical work in collaboration with EGEE.

EBAs work with EGEE to make the distributed computing infrastructure of the Grid more user-friendly, effective and secure in an industrial context.

If you would like to work with the EGEE project on technical issues, please contact (please remove NOSPAM from the address) or click here for more information.

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Enabling Grids for E-sciencE (EGEE) is the largest multi-disciplinary grid infrastructure in the world. Finding the Higgs boson; saving lives; addressing the energy problem; feeding the planet - the grid is swiftly becoming one of the extraordinary tools scientists use everyday. This month sees the start of the third phase of the project, EGEE-III, which is revolutionising the way data is analysed, stored and shared.

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