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Infrastructure Projects

EGEE The EGEE Grid consists of over 30,000 CPU available to users 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in addition to about 5 Petabytes (5 million Gigabytes) of storage, and maintains 10 000 concurrent jobs on average. Having such resources available changes the way how scientific research takes place. The end use depends on the users' needs: large storage capacity, the bandwidth that the Infrastructure provides, or the sheer computing power available.
SEEGRID provides specific support actions to assist the participation of the South-East European states to the pan-European and worldwide Grid initiatives by establishing a seamless and interoperable Grid infrastructure
BalticGrid aims to develop the Baltic States' research and education computing and communication infrastructure and integrate it into the emerging European Grid, focusing on the EGEE extension to the Baltic region
EUChinaGRID aims to provide specific support actions to foster the integration and the interoperability of the Grid infrastructures in Europe (EGEE) and China (CNGrid) for the benefit of eScience applications
EELA aims to build the bridge between consolidated e-Infrastructure initiative in Europe (EGEE) and emerging ones in Latin America (ALICE, RedCLARA) by creating a human collaboration network in Grid based eScience applications
EUMEDGRID aims to assist the participation of the states of the Mediterranean region in the pan-European and worldwide Grid initiatives and making use of the EUMEDCONNECT network
ETICS aims to establish a coherent e-Infrastructure for large-scale internationally distributed software projects' configuration, integration, testing and benchmarking for the scientific community
ISSeG aims to contribute to the consolidation of the European Grid infrastructure in the field of computer security by creating and disseminating practical expertise on the deployment of Integrated Site Security, as a complementary action to EGEE Grid Security
ICEAGE aims at stimulating and supporting advances in Grid education throughout Europe. This will involve collaboration across the world. By Grid education it is meant not only education in the use of the Grid, but also the use of Grid in education
ITHANET aims to strengthen the Euromediterranean community of researchers in molecular and clinical research into thalassaemia and related haemoglobinopathies and to enhance its scientific potential using the existing and emerging tools of ERA (G√ČANT2, Grids)
BIOINFOGRID aims to reinforce the collaboration between the European Grid Infrastructure (EGEE) and the molecular biology research user community for selected Bioinformatics applications


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Paper Submission for IBERGRID, the 1st Iberian Grid Infrastructure Conference, May 14-16 2007, Santiago (Spain) is open 01/02/2007 - 05/03/2007

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