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EGEE Industry Day, 19 September 2007, Bratislava, Slovakia

What Industry day
When 19/09/2007
from 09:00 to 19:00
Where Hotel SOREA, Kráľovské údolie 6, Bratislava
Contact Name Jolana Sebestyenova
Contact Email sebestyenova@savba.sk
Contact Phone +421 2 5941 1182
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Grid for Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Challenges
: Institute of Informatics, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava

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The Industry Day is sponsored by Samsung and supported by the Slovak Ministry of Health.

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A recently published 451 GARS (Grid Adoption Research Service) has highlighted the increasing interest in Grids in the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare sector.

is one of the major users of the EGEE infrastructure in three distinct areas: 

Medical Imaging, especially the compute-intensive area of image co-registration. This enables techniques such as ‘virtual biopsies’ for cancer diagnosis avoiding invasive surgical procedures, improving quality-of-lie for patients and helping reduce the cost of medical treatment.
Bio-informatics: applications ranging from removing aberrations from microscope images to portals enabling users in areas like protein sequence analysis, as well as complex workflows to streamline processing & management of biological data.
Drug Discovery: using the EGEE Grid infrastructure to accelerate the search for candidate drug molecules against neglected diseases.

This EGEE-II Industry Day will expertly demonstrate the benefits of Grid both for pharma and biotech firms. Additionally attendants will come away with a better understanding of why hospitals are seen to be natural adopters of Grid technology due to their need to share data & tackle specific challenges around storage & medical images. Ultimately, the Grid will provide the backbone for electronic health records and new medical infrastructures.


  • EGEE-II's Benefits for Business
  • EGEE Developments for Bio-Informatics
  • Case Studies from early adopters of EGEE's next-generation Grid middleware, gLite
  • Case studies and discussions on Medical Data & Records Management
  • Evaluations of a range of key healthcare tools & technologies:virtual labs for infectious diseases;
   CT brain perfusion studies; national transplant databases; Interactive Grid access for USCT; virtual screening.

    • The WISDOM Success Story & Live Demo:
    WISDOM (Wide In-Silico Docking on Malaria) is a Drug Discovery Initiative cited as a a successful Grid adopter in the 451 GARS Report. WISDOM has been successfully deployed against diseases like malaria and avian flu, testing millions of potential drugs in a short period of time. Virtual Screening Challenges have demonstrated its impact beyond malaria, indicating how the method developed can be extended to all diseases, reducing the high costs involved in developing drugs and opening up exciting industrial perspectives.
    WISDOM Booth: Visit the stand and see the WISDOM Live Demo showing throughout the day.

    Business players and representatives from healthcare can interact with EGEE representatives and Grid experts and learn about the EGEE framework through which they can move forward with the adoption of its Grid technologies.
    Robert Harakaly from the EGEE-II Industry Forum Steering Committee will be on hand to offer support for the adoption of gLite.
    The Slovak Ministry of Health is represented by Minister Ivan Valentovic.

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    Download the Industry Day Brochure with Agenda here.

    Agenda: Last modified 10/08/2007

    8:30 – 9:00 Registration
    9:00 – 9:10 Welcome and Introduction to EGEE's Programme for Industry
      Ladislav Hluchý, II SAS, Slovak Republic
    9:10 – 10:00 Powering the Grid - EGEE's gLite Middleware
      Ludek Matyska, Masaryk University, Czech Republic
    10:00 – 10:30 Current EGEE Developments in Bio-Informatics
      Christophe Blanchet, CNRS, France
    10:30 – 11:00 Morning Coffee & Networking
    11:00 – 11:30 EGEE’s Drug Discovery Initiative, WISDOM-II: A success Story
      Yannick Legré, CNRS, France
    11:30 – 12:00 Health-e-Child: gLite Adoption Case Study
      David Manset, Maat-g, Spain
    12:00 – 12:30 Medical Imaging Production & Services on the EGEE Grid
      Johan Montagnat, CNRS, France
    12:30 – 13:30 Lunch & Networking
    13:30 – 13:45 Slovak e-Health National Strategy
      Juraj Karovič, Director of Informatics, Ministry of Health, Slovak Republic
    13:45 – 14:30 Electronic Health Record: Creation and Utilisation
      Mikuláš Popper, National Health Information Centre, Slovak Republic
    14:30 – 15:00 ViroLab Virtual Laboratory for Infectious Diseases: Case Study
      Marian Bubak, CYFRONET AGH Uni Krakow, Poland
    15:00 – 15:30 Afternoon Coffee & Networking
    15:30 – 15:50 Interactive Grid Access for Ultra-Sound Computer Tomography (USCT)
      Marcus Hardt, Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe, Germany
    15:50 – 16:10 CT Brain Perfusion Studies in int.eu.grid: Case Study
      David Rodriguez, IFCA - Instituto de Fisica de Cantabria - CSIC, Spain
    16:10 – 16:40
    Management of Data, Information & Knowledge in Medicine & Health Services
      Viera Rusnáková, Slovak Medical University, Slovak Republic
    16:40 – 16:55 Clusters, Grids & Molecules: Virtual Screening
      Tibor Kožár, Institute of Experimental Physics SAS, Košice, Slovak Republic
    16:55 – 17:15         
    National Transplant Database: Organ & Tissue Matching & Allocation System: UK Case Study
    Roman Benedek, Artman Technologies, Slovak Republic & UK

    17:15 - 17.35 Interactive Discussion
    Convenor: Ladislav Hluchy

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