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How to Join EGEE

EGEE is keen to encourage the expansion of its Grid service to new application areas, in order to benefit the EGEE community at large through expansion of the network and its resources. Depending on your specific area of interest and expertise, there are a number of different ways to get involved in EGEE, click here for a general overview of the registration process, or download the 'How to Get Involved' Information sheet.

   1. As a user of the EGEE Grid Network
          * High Energy Physics communities wishing to join EGEE with applications should contact frank.harris@cern.ch.
          * Biomedical communities wishing to join EGEE with applications should fill in a questionnaire and send it to johan@i3s.unice.fr and to Christophe.Blanchet@ibcp.fr
          * Other communities interested in applications other than high-energy physics and bio-medicine should fill in a questionnaire and send it to roberto.barbera@ct.infn.it and to Guy Wormser wormser@lal.in2p3.fr
          * Commercial Companies interested in the EGEE Grid should contact the Industry Forum directly, or you can read our FAQ "How is industry involved?" for more general information.
   2. As a provider of a network resource to incorporate in the Grid
          * Sites wishing to join the EGEE grid infrastructure are very welcome from any discipline; it could be Scientific, Educational or Industrial, and there are inevitably other application areas that haven't yet been conceived. This process is coordinated within each Federation by a Regional Operations Centre (ROC). In the first instance please contact your local ROC. (For further information, visit the EGEE SA1 page with links to the regional ROC websites).
   3. As a combination of the two. For general enquiries contact support@ggus.org

If you are not sure which area of EGEE you are interested in, in the first instance please contact the EGEE Project Office at projectoffice@eu-egee.org.

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