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registration process

Registration Process Overview

The registration process for new applications breaks down as follows;

   1. Complete a questionaire describing your application.
   2. Await Assessment to determine the suitability of your application by EGAAP.
   3. Attend an EGEE training session provided by NeSC on behalf of the EGEE project and further information can be found at www.egee.nesc.ac.uk.
   4. Obtain a Digital Certificate to enable secure access to the Grid (details here).
   5. Migrate your Applicaton to the EGEE infrastructure with the support of EGEE BMI technical experts.
   6. Test your Application by undertaking a period of running sample data to identify any teething problems.
   7. Use the Grid for real data processing.
   8. Contribute to the Grid by providing Storage or Processing computing resources for heavy production demands.

The document "Requirements for LCG User Registration and VO Membership Management" explains the registration process in greater detail and it includes some useful definitions of the terms used within EGEE.

Individuals who are members of a recognised Virtual Organisation* should explore the online information sources offered by EGEE. A good starting point is to review the LCG users overview which includes information about how the LCG project inducts new users.

*Virtual Organisation
    A geographically independant group of collaborating scientists

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