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ROC Emails

Regional Operations Centres

If you are interested in using or providing resources to the EGEE Grid, the first point of contact is the Regional Operations Centre most local to you. The ROC will then help you to initiate the registration procedure and provide assistance with bringing you into the EGEE Grid network.

Email     Covers
user.support@cc.in2p3.fr  France
cristina.vistoli@cnaf.infn.it or luciano.gaido@to.infn.it Italy
UK and Irish    
UK, Ireland 
German and Swiss        
Holger.Marten@iwr.fzk.de or sven.hermann@iwr.fzk.de Germany, Switzerland
Northern European    
Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway
South West European         
pacheco@pic.org.es Spain, Portugal
South East European         
grid-support@egee-see.org Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Israel, Romania
Central European  
a.kusznir@cyfronet.krakow.pl  ce-roc-support@cyfronet.krakow.pl
Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia

Yuriy.Lazin@ihep.ru    Russia

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