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Grid Walkthrough - Step 5

The Job Queue

The page being displayed is the 'Job Queue' page, with your job listed. There may be other jobs showing in the list above or below yours, which are other jobs submitted within the VO to the same project. This shows the collaborative nature of the grid and demonstrates the need for the high level of security which is employed across the grid infrastructure.    

The page will automatically refresh periodically and update the status of the job(s). This might take a few minutes to complete, so use the time to read about what is happening.

What is happening?
A protein was selected to be rendered, and a method by which to render it was also chosen. This information was sent to a particular CE (chosen, in this case, by the GILDA Resource Broker) The job is now waiting in the queue for that particular CE to become free, so that it can be processed and of course produce a result.

Towards the right of the screen there is a heading 'Status', of which there are nine different types, all listed in the table below.

The job has been submitted and a log of this has been made by the Logging and Bookkeeping service.
Wait The Resource Broker (RB) is attempting to find available Computing Elements (CE) that support the job's requirements.
Ready The RB is sending the job to the selected CE.
Scheduled The job has been scheduled by the queue manager on the CE.
The job is currently running on a WN behind your selected CE queue.
Done The job terminated without grid errors.
Cleared The job output has been retrieved.
Abort   The job was aborted by the middleware.
Cancelled The job was cancelled by the user.

Once the status is showing 'Done' move onto the next step.


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