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Grid Walkthrough - Step 7

Directory Contents Screen

This will bring up a 'directory contents' screen, which lists the various output files produced by the rendering. They should be as follows:

» image.png

» raster.out.txt

» raster.err.txt    

Firstly, click the raster.out.txt file. This is a simple output file showing a log of the processes it went through to deliver your output. This file is useful to analyse the process and to check unexpected results.

The raster.err.txt file is a log of any errors encountered during the process. It does not indicate that the job went wrong, but it does give an indication of the processes the job went through, and lists any errors it encountered on the way.

The most interesting is the image.png, which in our case is the OUTPUT (result) of the job. This is a 3D rendered picture of the chosen protein produced using the rendering options chosen at the start of the walkthrough.

And that is it! You have successfully submitted, processed and recieved the output from a job on the Grid. Obviously, this is just an example to help you understand how the Grid works and is fairly lightweight, but we hope that you now understand how the Grid works at least at a basic level.

Would you like to learn more about using the Grid? Would you like to find out about ? Do you think that you might be able to use the Grid in your organisation or institution? Please see the 'How to Join EGEE' section.


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