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Announcing the Innovation First on Computing for Finance

Announcing the Innovation First on Computing for Finance. The event will be held at CERN on 21st November starting 17:00

This Innovation First @ CERN event gathers an expert panel which will provide insight into how different types of Grid computing – from local clusters to global networks - are being applied in the financial sector. In particular, the event will encourage discussion on how new developments in Grid computing emerging from the world of science could benefit finance and other industrial sectors.

The panel session consists of several talks by experts in banking and information technology. The talks are followed by a Q&A session with all speakers. The panel session will be preceded by elevator pitches from several new start-up activities in Grid computing that are being spun out of CERN and related laboratories. The panel session will be followed by a networking cocktail for audience and speakers.

All speakers will be presenting in English. A webcast of the event will be made available for subsequent viewing, along with powerpoint material presented by the speakers.

This is a CERN openlab / EGEE event, organized and moderated by Francois Grey, CERN.

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