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GridNets2007 Conference : 17-19 October 2007

GridNets2007 Conference : 17-19 October 2007 First international Conference on Networks for Grid Applications.

The GridNets conference series is an annual international meeting which provides a focused and highly interactive forum where researchers and technologists have the opportunity to present and discuss leading research, developments, and future directions in the Grid networking area.

The objective of this event is to serve as both the premier conference presenting best Grid Networking research and a forum where new concepts can be introduced and explored.

Cooperation between Grid middleware and network infrastructure driven by a common control plane is a key factor to effectively empower the global Grid platform for the execution of network-intensive applications, requiring massive data transfers, very fast and low-latency connections, and stable and guaranteed transmission rates. Big e-science projects, as well as industrial and engineering applications for data analysis, image processing, multimedia, or visualisation just to name a few are awaiting an efficient Grid network support. They would be boosted by a global Grid platform enabling end-to-end dynamic bandwidth allocation, broadband and low-latency access, interdomain access control, and other network performance monitoring capabilities.

The detailed conference program is available at

The conference features:
  • Nine technical sessions consisting of 16 high-quality technical papers
  • Several invited papers by leading professionals in the field
  • Keynote speeches by : Bill St Arnaud (Senior Director Advanced Networks for CANARIE Inc.) Mike Fisher (BT Group Chief Technology Office)
For more information visit the

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