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EGEE-II Project Director, Dr Bob Jones, in live link-up with the BELIEF Conference in New Delhi

The BELIEF 1st International Conference on e-Infrastructures, 14 -15 December 2006, New Delhi, India, has brought together over 300 participants from India and across Europe to discuss and plan how the two regions can capitalise on the new infrastructure facilities and technologies.

Key issues, challenges and opportunities will be explored through the visionary plenary sessions led by policy- and decision makers, as well as during the diverse and rich parallel sessions, and the Information and Training Sessions.

EGEE-II has actively participated in the BELIEF Conference in the parallel sessions, presenting the WISDOM-II Drug Discovery Programme (Session A2: e-Health), EGEE-II and Grid Mobility (B4: Grid Mobility and e-Infrastructure Convergernce), as well as in the BELIEF Promotional Zone. EGEE-II's contribution culminates with the Live Link-up to New Delhi, in which Bob Jones will address the audience, providing an overview of the Project.

Bob Jones' speech will highlight EGEE-II as a project that integrates national, regional and thematic Grid efforts, in order to provide a seamless Grid infrastructure for the support of scientific research. The infrastructure supports distributed research communities, which share common Grid computing needs and are prepared to integrate their own computing infrastructures and agree on common access policies. Several scientific disciplines as well as industry have already ported applications on the EGEE Grid infrastructure thus demonstrating the potential of Grid technology as a powerful new tool for science as well as other fields. The talk will provide an update on the status of the EGEE infrastructure and middleware, and give an overview of the variety of applications already using the Grid.

Another Live Link-up with Europe will feature Ulf Dahlsten, European Commission, DG INFOS, Directorate F (Brussels). These video links will provide a vision for driving forward technological advances, which will ultimately benefit both Europe and India.

The Closing Plenary Addresses will be delivered by Dr Gulshan Rai, Driector of ERNET, Bruno LeDantec, ERCIM (France), Dr Govind, DIT, India, and Stefano Cozzini, representing the EU-IndiaGrid Project. These talks will be followed by a panel discussion led by special delegates Dr BK Murthy, Head of International Co-operation, DIT; Rajneeswh Agrawal, International Co-operation, DIT; along with Mr BB Tiwari, ERNET and Sandip Chatterjee, contact point for the EU’s seventh Framework Programme.

Today's Parallel Sessions have included e-Infrastructures Reducing the Digital Divide in Emerging Economies; Enabling Business; Distance and e-Learning; and Mobile Grid and e-Infrastructure Convergence.

Highlights from the first day of the Conference include the Welcome Addresses led by policy- and decision-makers and delivered by Francisco Da Camara Gomes, Head of the EC Delegation to India; Mr N Vijayaditya of the Department of Information Technology (DIT), Government of India; and Geeta Kathpalia, ERNET, as well as Stephen Benians, the BELIEF Project Co-ordinator. The Welcome Speeches were chaired by Professioner Dany Vandromme, GÉANT2 and e-Infrastructure Reflection Group (e-IRG), who addressed the audience in the Keynote Speeches, providing valuable insight into e-IRG in a talk entitled 'European e-Infrastructures and their impact on EU Governments'. Addressing the audience were also Dr BK Gairola, DG, NIC, Government of India; Pankaj Agrawal, Joint Secretary, Department of Information Technology (DIT), India; S. Ramakrishna, DG, C-DAC; and Ognjen Prnjat, GRNET (Greek Research & Technology Network)

Themes explored in the parallel sessions comprise Government-delivered Services Driving e-Infrastructures; Connectivity and Sustainability: Outreach to New User Communities; e-Health; Scientific Repositories and Future Knowledge Infrastructures.

To find out more about the various components of the BELIEF Conference, please download the News Releases:

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BELIEF Promotional Zone

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BELIEF Conference, New Delhi, Day 2, 15 December 2006

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