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EGEE Working With Business and Industry

EGEE Working with Business and Industry - this report provides several testimonials from the EGEE'06 Business Track and an overview of the recently announced collaboration between EGEE and three companies.


The EGEE'06 Business Track Testimonials provide ample evidence not only of the success of the Conference as a whole but also of EGEE-II's objective in reaching out to industry and increasing industrial uptake of the EGEE Grid Infrastructure.
MPS Group is a major banking group in Italy. In MPS we strongly believe that innovation is one of the most powerful business boosters. We have been working on Grid technologies for a long time because we believe they represent a natural evolution of the Internet and they are also a fundamental component for the development of the scientific research and of IT business, in general. As a matter of fact Grid technologies provide resource optimisation within companies by leveraging existing resources. They also provide very powerful chances of sharing resources and interconnecting services within companies and even between companies.
In our view EGEE 2006 represents an incredible opportunity for getting in touch and sharing experiences with both the research community and the world of business organisations.
Piero Poccianti, Staff Planning & Strategic Development, Monte dei Paschi Banking Group.

Grid computing technologies are poised at the point where they are delivering significant value to early adopters in the business community. Further, the deployment of the concepts of Virtualisation, Service Orientation and Web Services, is fast becoming the next big thing in the IT industry. These technologies form the basis for IT systems to be linked to Business processes and in turn they are driving business processes forward to improve productivity, particularly in the global industry leaders. EGEE is leading the way towards adoption of these key technologies in Europe and the Business Track at the forthcoming conference, EGEE'06, will provide an essential glimpse into this important wave of change for those in public and private sectors.
Ian Osborne, Grid Computing Now!

As Grid computing becomes increasingly pervasive and a major investment for many large enterprises, financial institutions and SMEs, one of the main challenges over the next few years will be addressing standards, security and data provisioning requirements. Once a full set of standards is in place, Grid technology will become more interoperable and development projects cheaper and more future-proofed. The Daonity Project works on applying the Trusted Computing technology of Trusted Computing Group (TCG) to improve Grid Security Infrastructure (GSI) of Globus Toolkit. Daonity Project is led by HP Labs China in collaboration with WuHan University and Huazhong University of Science and Technology. The Business Track at EGEE'06 offers an excellent opportunity to present Daonity to an international community of Grid experts, industry and business leaders.
Wenbo Mao, Daonity: Grid Security with Behavior Conformity from Trusted Computing, HP Labs China.

The EGEE'06 Business Track Testimonials provide ample evidence not only of the success of the Conference as a whole but also of EGEE-II's objective in reaching out to industry and increasing industrial uptake of the EGEE Grid Infrastructure. In order to reach this objective, EGEE is working with business players on many different levels and areas, ensuring effective two-way communication and pro-active discussions. Another key achievement in this respect was the announcement made during EGEE'06 that three companies have signed up as the first EGEE Business Associates (EBAs). They will work with EGEE to make the distributed computing infrastructure of the Grid more effectuve, secure and user-friendly. The three companies involved are NICE, Italy, who will develop its GENIUS Grid Portal and EnginFrame FrameWork to make them compatible with EGEE middleware gLite; Platform Computing, who are collaborating with EGEE to improve the interoperability of gLite with LSF, and PricewaterhouseCoopers, who are co-operating with EGEE on issues related to Grid Security contributing their extensive experience in risk management.
EGEE Project Director, Bob Jones, views their involvement as an important milestone for the project: "EGEE is now in a position that it has much to offer to business. The EBA programme is an important component in our strategy for the take-up of our work by business and industry, providing a framework in which companies can confidently move ahead with the adoption of Grid technologies."

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