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Business Track at EGEE'07, 1-5 October 2007, Budapest , Hungary

The Value-Add of the Business Track at EGEE'07

This year's Business Track builds on the success of the EGEE annual conference 2006:

  • showcasing the business benefits of Grid
  • Grid adoption success stories
  • case studies from early adopters of gLite, EGEE's next-generation middleware
  • bringing examples of how businesses are working with EGEE on technical collaboration & exploitation strategies
  • presentations demonstrating how the hurdles to adoption can be cleared

The Track offers sessions focusing on diverse industry sectors:

  • Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals
  • Design, Engineering and Product Development
  • Business Models and Experiments
  • Cross Industry Session with presentations on Gaming, Telecommunications and new technology developments

Sponsors of the EGEE'07 conference: Oracle, HP, EuroOne, Microsoft, LG, GridToday, IT.news and The Budapest Sun.

EGEE Business Associates presenting in Budapest include:

GridwiseTech, Platform and NICE.

Pawel Plaszczak, President of GridwiseTech had this to say about EGEE'07:

I am looking forward to the forthcoming EGEE'07 conference in Budapest. It will be exciting to hear how the EGEE grid prepares to become the production infrastructure for CERN's 27-km LHC particle accelerator, scheduled to start operation within months. As GridwiseTech works with customers using similar scalable systems commercially, reliability and quality of service in grids are within our vital interest. I am also looking forward to network with technical leads, technology users and experts during the Industry Track.

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