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News from EGEE Business Associate, GridwiseTech

News from EGEE Business Associate, GridwiseTech

1. Fortis Bank is a new client of GridwiseTech

GridwiseTech provided Poland's branch of Fortis, one of the twenty largest financial institutions in Europe, with a solution for the advanced management of processing flows in a SAS application environment. Fortis will be the first bank in the country that will benefit from the increased capabilities of Platform Process Manager.

2. Large-scale digital repositories are coming

What is the vital part of the European Research Infrastructure? The answer is scientific digital repositories. This is the subject area of the European e-Science Digital Repositories (e-SciDR) project, which will drive forward the large-scale development and use of digital repositories. It has just entered the final stage that will conclude with a report on the principles for establishing a Single Information Space.

3. GridwiseTech conquers no-man's land

Grid infrastructure integration testing is still no-man's land. This is because best practices only exist within isolated communities and are not brought into public discussion. GridwiseTech took up the challenge to define best practices by conducting comprehensive research in this area as a vendor independent expert. The outcomes of this project were presented for the first time in public at the EGEE'07 conference in Budapest by Pawel Plaszczak.

4. Federated authentication for health industry

GridwiseTech will present a security framework for the health industry at the forthcoming Cracow Grid Workshop '07 on 15-17 October. The developed solution will provide access to distributed assets in a secure manner. The major advantage is that users authentication will be carried out by their organization and the resource owners will be responsible for authorisation.

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