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OGF20/EGEE User Forum: Enterprise Issues Workshops

The Press Release for Enterprise Issues Workshops at OGF20/EGEE User Forum is out now!

The EGEE Industry Forum has released the Press Release on the Enterprise Issues Workshops it is co-hsoting with the Enterprise Grid Requirements (EGR) Working Groups, and the Enterprise Area of Open Grid Forum on Wednesday 9 May in Manchester.

These workshops offer businesses a chance to discuss issues common to auto/areospace; finance and pharma/biotech indutry groups. The main result of each one will be a White Paper.

Well known experts from a number of fields will be part of the workshops.

·    In pharma, Peter Maccallum, PhD, CancerGrid Project Manager, CRUK Cambridge Research Institute, Rich Sinnott of the National e-Science Center in Edinburgh, as well as Steve Litster, Senior Systems Engineer, Novartis Institutes of BioMedical Research, and Pawel Plaszczak, President of GridwiseTech, an EGEE Business Associate, will present.
·    In autos and aerospace, Walter Wirch from MSC Software, Nick Tzannetakis from LMS/Noesis, and Philip Spiby from Eurostep will present and Jamil Appa of BAE and Clemens-August Thole of Fraunhofer will be hosts.
·    In financial services, Shawn Findlan, Executive Director, Strategic Engineering & Architecture, MorganStanley, Dr Adam Vile, Head of Grid, HPC and Technical Computing, Excelian LTD, and a technical expert from Chris Allison’s firm, Citihub, Ltd., will be the hosts. Andrew Dolan of Citigroup, Chris Swan from Credit-Suisse will participate in the discussion

Download the Press Release here.

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