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OGF23 Set for Barcelona in June

The Call for Participation for OGF23 in Barcelona, Spain is now open and proposals for keynote presentations, workshops, and other content useful to the grid and distributed computing industry are welcome. The call closes on April 11, with notifications sent no later than April 21.

The global grid community will gather for Open Grid Forum’s 23rd event June 2-6 in Barcelona, Spain, strategically placed in easy reach of many European and global experts. Hosted by the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, OGF23 is also the first international event where the recently EU-funded OGF-EUROPE project, will play a primary organizing role in the overall event and the program. This project focuses on mobilizing and integrating communities on grid standards and best practices. During a portion of the week (June 3-5), the EU-funded BEinGRID project will be co-locating its "Industry Days" event, which includes results of their business experiments using grid technologies. BEinGRID will also show numerous demonstrations of grid deployments in various commercial environments. A small commercial exhibition will also be an important part of this multi-faceted event. See our sponsor prospectus for more information on sponsorship and exhibition opportunities. OGF23 will show how grids have become a key enabling technology in a broad spectrum of IT environments. Participants will hear how researchers and scientists in both academic and commercial settings find grids useful to scale their compute capabilities and data analysis while enhancing their ability to collaborate across organizational boundaries. Participants will also hear how commercial users find grids to enable better business agility, reduce costs, and aid in the deployment of a shared, service-oriented infrastructure. OGF23 will also provide a unique forum for discussion on how grids form a necessary underpinning for emerging technologies such as virtualization and clouds.
Participants will have a number of different session types to choose from including:

* Workshops exploring grid usage in scientific disciplines and commercial sectors.

* Community Outreach Seminars where key adoption communities can learn of the practical benefit of grid usage.

* OGF Specification Adoption sessions demonstrating the impact of OGF’s published specifications and best practices.

* Case studies of business uses of grids.

* Best practice development sessions where key challenges to grid deployments are discussed and solutions identified.

* Chartered group sessions where OGF standards, best practices, and other community work is discussed.

* Keynotes and other invited talks.

Source: Barcelona Supercomputing Center

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