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Our powers combined: gLite, Globus and Unicore play ball

The OMII-Europe team will celebrate the close of the project’s first phase in late April by releasing five interoperable software components that will give scientists the ability to combine the middleware powers of gLite, Globus and Unicore.

Connectivity and sharing lie at the heart of grid technology, yet ironically, the grid world can be a lonely place for a scientist.

Researchers are limited to the storage, databases and processing power made available by their own particular grid middleware.

This means each grid platform becomes the equivalent of an independent city-state. If you’ve ever felt the need to tunnel under your own city to visit other middleware dominions, then you’ll be interested in some new software that can let you do just that.

In late April, OMII-Europe will celebrate the close of its first phase by releasing five interoperable software components that allow grid users to work across Europe’s major grid platforms: gLite, Globus and Unicore.

We hope this will have a great impact on the European research community, helping them to reach out to computers and databases that they previously couldn’t access,” says Alistair Dunlop, OMII-Europe project manager.

Thanks to this new way to connect heterogeneous grids, scientists using one platform will no longer be isolated from scientists using other platforms.


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