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Training events at OGF20/EGEE User Forum

Training events at OGF20/EGEE User Forum: The programme enriches with two free training events after the EGEE User Forum: "gLite Application Developers' Course" and "Interoperability testing on the Grid using OMII-Europe components and ETICS tools"

Date: 12 and 13 May 2007
Venue:  Lascelles Williams Room, Manchester Computing, Kilburn Building, Oxford Road

This event will interest those who are seeking to develop applications using the gLite middleware. The timetable is provisional. Details of presenters will be finalised shortly.

The focus is primarily on different techniques for creating, submitting and orchestrating jobs:

  • scripting
  • the Ganga tool
  • use of APIs

Brief sessions also give experience of metadata management in gLite and of application monitoring.

Participants will have some basic knowledge of gLite, such as the EGEE Induction course gives. They will for example be familiar with the command line interface for job submission, with voms-proxy-init, with editing UNIX commands and text files.

Date: 12 May 2007
Venue: Undergraduate Training Room, Manchester Computing, Kilburn Building, Oxford Road

In this course you will learn how to build and test grid middleware and applications using the ETICS Service. You will also discover how OMII-Europe leverages ETICS to perform build and test, with a focus on interoperability.
This course is suited to developers of Grid applications and middleware. It is particularly relevant to those developing with gLite, UNICORE, CROWN, OMII-UK or GT4.

ETICS stands for "eInfrastructure for Testing, Integration and Configuration of Software". It provides a service to help software developers, managers and users to better manage complexity and improve the quality of their software. Using cutting edge Grid software and best practices, our service allows you to fully automate the way your software is built and tested. In other words, ETICS provide software professionals with an "out-of-the-box" build and test system, powered with a build and test product repository.

OMII-Europe is an EU project which has been established to source key software components for Grid applications and to ensure that these components can interoperate across heterogeneous Grid middleware platforms.

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