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Egee Partner: The Inter-University Computation Center, Tel Aviv, Israel


Abbreviation: IUCC

Activity :

Country: Israel

Federation :

Web Portal : http://www.machba.ac.il

Contracting Partner : no


The IUCC communications network began in 1984 with a 9.6 kb/sec international link to the EARN network in Europe. In 1990 IUCC introduced the first international Internet line from Israel to the USA at a rate of 64 kb/sec. For three years (1994- 1996) the IUCC junction was the primary Internet connection node for Israeli high-tech companies and various suppliers of communications services (before the days of IIX). Since 1999, the IUCC has been connected to Internet-2 in the USA, and the TEN-155/GEANT research network in Europe, as a regular member.

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2nd EchoGRID Strategic Workshop, 29-30 October 2007, Beijing, China: Towards a Shared EU & Chinese Vision for Grid Research Perspectives

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