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Egee Partner: Grid Computing Centre, Academia Sinica, Taipei

Number: 88

Abbreviation: ASGC

Activity :

Country: Taiwan

Federation : Asia (Korea Taiwan)

Web Portal : http://www.twgrid.org/

Contracting Partner : yes


ASGC is one of leading high performance computing and communication centres in Taipei, which provides advanced services for Grid Computing.
ASGC is also the major Grid application development centre in Taipei and support other institutes in application areas, such as High Energy Physics, biomedical informatics, astronomy, earth science, atmospheric science, biodiversity, and digital archives, etc.(EGEE-NA4). In addition, by acting as the
Asia Pacific Regional Operation Centre (APROC) and Global Grid User Support (GGUS), the ASGC not only facilitates LCG/EGEE CA and operation services (SA1), but also provides Grid-related training courses and symposia to other Asian Pacific countries.(NA2 and NA3). Moreover, The first EGEE workshop in Taipei was held in August 2005 in cooperation with EGEE.
ASGC is working closely with CERN in exploring new applications of GRID technology and
collaborating with EGEE middleware development in EGEE-JRA1 (i.e. gLite activity) as well as
conducting experiment data and computing production such as in the ALICE/CMS/ATLAS Data
ASGC is in charge one of the major research network (ASNet) in Taipei, and now have a 2.4Gbps
link to Amsterdam and then 2Gbps to CERN. ASGC would like to cooperate with TANet (Taipei
Academic Network), to participate and contribute to the Network Resource Provision (EGEE-SA2)
and Network Service Development (including Ipv6 infrastructure and applications) (EGEE-JRA4) in
the future.

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