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Egee Partner: CESNET, z.s.p.o.

Number: 4

Abbreviation: CESNET

Activity : NA1, NA2, NA3, NA4, SA1, JRA1

Country: Czech Republic

Federation : Central Europe

Web Portal :

Contracting Partner : yes


CESNET SA1: provision of call centre, 1st line user support, CE Federation request tracking systems interconnected GGUS, Running essential Grid services, serving as the ROC backup for the Cyfronet site, coordinating of Grid security in the region, coordinate the pre-production service within the CE Federation together Cyfronet JRA1: Continued development of services related to the job monitoring, i.e., Logging and Bookkeeping (LB) service and extending the Job Provenance (JP) service NA2: extend the outreach activities of EGEE-II (press releases, publicity activities etc) primary into academic and commercial worlds. NA3: Course development and provision, both at the introductory and advanced levels, training for new users, including participation in the t-infrastructure. Due to close contacts with the Masaryk University in Brno, leading Czech university in e-learning, CESNET expects to collaborate at the development and use of e-learning courses. NA4: provision of local application oriented support, including close cooperation with selected local application communities, directed help in porting their application to the EGEE-II Grid environment, targeted user support (in collaboration with SA1). Continue collaboration with computational chemistry groups, start working with technically oriented groups to attract companies and further extend the activities to other scientific domains.

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