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Egee Partner: Leopold-Franzens-Universitaet

Number: 3

Abbreviation: UIBK

Activity : NA3, NA4, SA1

Country: Austria

Federation : Central Europe

Web Portal : http://www.uibk.ac.at

Contracting Partner : yes


UIBK UIBK is a well fitted combination of AustrianGrid members, consisting of the Distributed and Parallel Systems Group (DPS), as a senior EGEE member, with a leading role in performance monitoring, analysis and prediction of parallel and distributed applications in Europe and experience many international projects (Esprit, IST, NFS, Darpa, KwfGrid) and the only university based experimental High Energy Group in Austria, with the main Austrian LCG resource, ample experience in GRID use for High Energy Physics production. SA1:Local resource and support centre for the Western part of Austria with interfaces to the CE ROC. NA3: Training and Grid lectures, exercises and seminars at university-level and outside academia in cooperation with partner JKU NA4: Support for HEP and generic applications interface, attempt to transfer Monte-Carlo-Simulations for the BELLE Experiment at KEK (Japan) to the LCG, encouragement and support for application groups to migrate scientific workflow applications onto the EGEE-II infrastructure. Remark: UIBK (in cooperation with JKU) intend to establish a JRU for Austrian Grid in the course of EGEE-II.

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