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Egee Partner: European Organization for Physics, Geneva, Switzerland

Number: 1

Abbreviation: CERN

Activity : NA1, NA2, NA4, NA5, SA1, SA3, JRA1

Country: Switzerland

Federation : CERN

Web Portal : http://www.cern.ch

Contracting Partner : yes


CERN Largest particle physics laboratory in the world; inventor of the WWW; long tradition of collaboration with industry. Experience in international projects (LHC Computing Grid, EU DataGrid, OpenLab). Focus on Grid operations, middleware re-engineering and integration, HEP application interface plus overall EGEE-II management.
EGEE-II roles:
NA1: Coordinating partner responsible for overall project management
NA2: Lead partner for Dissemination and Outreach Activity
NA4: Responsible for High energy physics applications domain
NA5: Contribution to White Papers, and standardisation groups
SA1: Lead partner for the Grid Operations, Support and Management Activity with overall
responsibility for Grid operations hosting Grid operations centre
SA3: Lead partner for the Integration, Testing and Certification Activity hosting core integration,
testing and certification teams
JRA1: Responsible for the data management service

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