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Egee Partner: Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Physics, Moscow, Russia

Number: 43

Abbreviation: ITEP

Activity : SA1

Country: Russian Federation

Federation : Russia

Web Portal : http://ussup.itep.ru

Contracting Partner : yes


ITEP Large HEP and Nuclear centre with long traditions in international cooperation. Participation in LCG: hosting all four HEP VOs. Participation in EU DataGRID Testbed activity. Participation in EGEE – main achievements: organization of Call Center, contribution to training events. Expertise in GRID deployment. EGEE-II major role: SA1 - Call Centre, helpdesk for ROC, regional contribution to GGUS. Hosting HEP, Fusion and generic VOs. Website: http://egee.itep.ru

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2nd EchoGRID Strategic Workshop, 29-30 October 2007, Beijing, China: Towards a Shared EU & Chinese Vision for Grid Research Perspectives

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