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Egee Partner: Institute of Physics Belgrade Serbia and Montenegro

Number: 73

Abbreviation: IPB

Activity : NA1, NA2, NA3, NA4, SA1

Country: Serbia

Federation : South-East Europe

Web Portal : http://www.phy.bg.ac.yu

Contracting Partner : yes


Institute of Physics in Belgrade is a leading Serbian research institute. Its Scientific Computing Laboratory (SCL) is coordinator of the Serbian National Grid Initiative (Academic and Educational Grid Initiative of Serbia - AEGIS). SCL has received top scores in the evaluation of the EU Centres of Excellence in the region (expected start of project: December 2005). Main focus of IPB in EGEE-II is the local operation and support centre for Serbia; and provision of the local training and dissemination activities. SA1: Grid support centre for Serbia. Responsible for resource induction, operation and user support in Serbia. Responsible for interacting with GRNET and the other SEE partners for the smooth operation of the distributed ROC. Will provide the necessary operational and statistical information for the deliverables. NA2: Responsible for identification of target user communities and relevant applications. Provide dissemination and outreach activities in Serbia. NA3: Provide training sessions in Serbia covering the AEGIS partners. Interaction with the other training teams for feedback. NA4: Support HEP applications (ATLAS, CMS) for Serbia, identify users; introduce new user communities (ESR,etc). Websites: http://www.scl.phy.bg.ac.yu ; www.aegis.phy.bg.ac.yu

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