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Egee Partner: Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna, Moscow Region, Russia

Number: 44

Abbreviation: JINR

Activity : NA2, SA1

Country: Russian Federation

Federation : Russia

Web Portal : http://www.egee-rdig.ru

Contracting Partner : yes


JINR International intergovernmental organization for nuclear research, with activities incorporating fundamental research of the structure of matter, development and application of high technologies, and university education in the relevant fields. JINR has at present 18 Member States including Russia, CIS countries and some European countries, has long traditions in international collaboration. Participation in LCG: hosting all four HEP VOs. Participation in EU DataGRID Testbed activity. Participation in EGEE - main achievements: start the RDIG infrastructure monitoring, creation of RDIG Web site, dissemination in JINR Member States (three new RCs from CIS to appear in autumn 2005), organization of training events and RDIG Conferences. Expertise in MW evaluation (OMII/GT3/GT4) and gLite testing. EGEE-II major roles: SA1 - accounting coordination in region, RDIG infrastructure monitoring, site admin training in region, pre-production testbed site; hosting HEP, Fusion and generic VOs; NA2 - promoting EGEE infrastructure in JINR Member States, coordination of dissemination activity in Russia, organization of RDIG Conferences. Website: http://rocmon.jinr.ru:8080/

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