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Egee Partner: Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Centre, Poznan, Poland

Number: 12

Abbreviation: PSNC

Activity : NA1, NA3, SA1, SA3

Country: Poland

Federation : Central Europe

Web Portal : http://www.psns.pl

Contracting Partner : yes


PSNC Operator of the national academic fibre optic network PIONIER, metropolitan area network POZMAN, manages the Polish link to the GEANT research network, HPC centre; 24/7 monitoring procedures and support for HPC networking infrastructure, co-coordinator and partner of numerous EU projects (Grid oriented e.g. GridLab, CrossGrid, EGEE, HPC Europa, CoreGrid, InteliGrid, networking e.g. SEQUIN, GN2, MUPBED, 6Net). PSNC is a Sun Centre of Excellence. Active in new generation networks, Grids, portals and security research. National Grid initiatives and projects: SGIGrid, PROGRESS, Clusterix, Virtual Laboratory. Partner of national and international organizations like PIONIER, Terena, GGF, CERT, SGI User Group, several working groups in areas of Grids, security and networking. SA1: run essential general Grid services for the EGEE-II infrastructure, provide 1st line support for operational problems to the resource centres in the region, provide training to system managers and administrators, coordination done with national and other international Grid projects , take responsibility for ensuring that operational problems in the region or in resource centres in the region are resolved and followed-up, coordination of Grid security in the region; provide incident response teams, provide a Certification Authority support for Poland. Continue to develop a monitoring system for Central European Grid resources SA3: participate in porting of the middleware to IA64, doing testing and integration, conducting security audits of EGEE-II middleware and applications NA3: provide Grid training to Polish community, Course content creation and delivery; implement an e-learning portal for Polish users. NA4: discover possibilities for porting Polish scientific applications to the Grid, port these applications to the Grid, port existing Grid applications to IA64.

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