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EGEE is working with business players in the Grid arena on many different levels and areas, ensuring effective two-way communication and pro-active discussions. The Industry Forum is led by EGEE partner Metaware, and counts 250 individual members, from over 100 institutes in 20 countries.


The Industry Forum (IF) is an integral part of EGEE and one of the platforms designed to give Industry the opportunity to learn about EGEE and find out how their Industrial Applications can be deployed on EGEE.

The IF focuses on:
  •  How diverse areas of Industry can use the Grid;
  • Communicating the strides already made in Grid computing by EGEE where Grid computing can create new Industrial Solutions and where all sectors of Industry can benefit from the Sophisticated Computing Resources of EGEE, not available in traditional IT infrastructures;
  • Providing Industry with the opportunity to give their own perspective and point of view and also to let the EGEE know about their view of the field;
  • Raising awareness of the project among Industry and encourage businesses to participate in the project and use its results to their benefit;
  • Organising Industry Days, focusing on how specific industry sectors can make use of the Grid

The IF is managed by a steering committee consisting of EGEE project partners and representatives from business.

Anyone interested in joining the EGEE Industry Forum should register as an EGEE Community Member where you can also describe in a few sentences, the motivation for coming onboard the Industry Forum. You can find out more about  the Community in the User Forum

See some of the latest events of the Industry Forum in the events section.

To find out more about the EGEE Industry Forum contact (please remove NOSPAM from the address)

Please ensure you have also read, and agreed to, the Industry Forum By-laws

Industry Forum Newsletter

The Industry Forum publishes an electronic newsletter periodically for its members. The newsletter highlights the most recent developments of the EGEE project and gives information about the Industry Forum and its academic and industrial members:

Which type of Applications can be deployed on the EGEE Grid infrastructure?

The first applications to use the EGEE Grid infrastructure were from the fields of High Energy Physics (HEP) and Biomedicine, but EGEE by now also supports applications from many other scientific domains, such as Astrophysics, Computational Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Finance, Fusion, Geophysics, Multimedia. In addition, there are several applications from the industrial sector running on the EGEE Grid, such as applications from geophysics or the plastics industry.

From an Industrial perspective EGEE has had a notable success with the Geocluster application the leading industry seismic processing solution.  Geocluster is the first industrial application successfully running on the EGEE Production Service, within the Expanding GEOsciences on DEmand (EGEODE) Virtual Organisation.


EGEE also supports the OpenPlast Project an industrial application project using a computing Grid, focused on plasturgy companies specific needs. First phase of this project is to work on the simulation of thermoplastic material injection processes.


Who is on the Industry Forum?

The full list of Industry Forum members is currently being updated but you can click here to see the current  full list of Industry Forum Members

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Latest News

Registration is now open for the EU-IndiaGrid Workshop on Applications in Computational Biology, to be held 5-9 May 2008 at the Department of Mathematics & Department of Bioinformatics at Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology, in Bhopal, India.

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