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User Information Group

The purpose of the EGEE User Information Group (UIG) is to oversee the provision of a service for users, giving simple access to information including documentation, contacts, links to sites, access to user support, training, workshops, etc...

The UIG will ensure that documentation and information related to activities is accessible in a coordinated way.

It will perform an editorial role which implies a systematic, continual review of the existing information to ensure that it meets the needs of the user community. This includes identifying missing documentation/information, prioritizing needed items, and suggesting the activities and people who could provide them. It will produce and maintain an overview document describing the basic grid capabilities and strategies and EGEE middleware and infrastructure. The group will also identify appropriate people to produce and update use cases.

The work will be done in close consultation with that of the QAG on related matters such as quality control and tools for web-sites.

The UIG will provide the following type of information and facilities:

    1) Introduction to Grid concepts
  •   Overview
  •   Virtual Organizations (VOs)
  •   WORM data model
  •   Inside/outside Grid
  •   Technicalities
  •   References

    2) Per-discipline web pages Section
Information on existing Grid applications will be provided for each scientific discipline

    3) External Services Section
This section will describe application-level services which have been used in conjunction with the gLite middleware.
Users will have the possibility to exchange their experiences with these tools and to discuss about them.

    4) Search Facilities
This section will support the need to have a centralized, coordinated search facility for all of the EGEE information.

    5) Forum
An area will be available for users to exchange information.

    6) Use Cases
Use Cases from Beginner Users, Normal Users and Skille Users will be available in this section.

Please check back to this page for updates on how the UIG is evolving.

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