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Announcement - Call for participants: Biomed Grid School 2008, May, Italy

Biomed GRID School 2008 will be held 12-16 May 2008 on Lake Como in Italy. After the success of the Biomed Grid School 2007 last spring, a second edition, Biomed Grid School 2008, will be held in Varenna on Lake Como, Italy from 12-16 May 2008. Participants must register in order to attend.

The Biomed Grid School is aimed at biomedical research students, post-docs, and senior researchers with an interest in using or developing applications for distributed computing environments.

The aim of the school is to provide bioinformatics and biomedical developers the opportunity:
• to learn to use new services and functionalities made available by new middleware releases (gLite)
• to implement applications in the EGEE GRID environments
• to build high level interfaces for GRID and Web Services for data provision and management
• to improve skills in Web Services, Workflow technology and GRID services for Bioinformatics e Biomedical applications
• to learn how to generate complex workflows of Bioinformatics and System Biology analysis

The School will be of particular interest to students and researchers involved in developing biomedical applications based on grid technology.
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