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Beijing, 12 June 2006 First EUChinaGRID Workshop

Networking and Grid experts from Europe and China, as well as advanced users working with very demanding applications in eScience (i.e., Physics, Medicine, Biology and other sciences building upon the network and computational infrastructures) have just met to pin down the current situation of the Euro-Chinese collaboration in Grid Technology.

The first EUChinaGRID Project Workshop has just begun: another step towards the creation of a human network in the area of Grids, e-Science and e-Infrastructures between Europe and China, promoting the existing and creating new international collaborations, through the adoption of new powerful grid tools and services.

Find out more about what happened at the first EUChinaGRID Project Workshop in Beijing from the Press Release for the three day meeting.

Funded by European Union, EUChinaGRID Project officially started on last 1st January 2006 with the aim to interconnect the existing European and Chinese Grid Infrastructures and enable their interoperability, thus creating a network of collaboration between Europe and China around this emerging technology.

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